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Treatment Philosophy

Turning Winds Academic Institute in Montana combines all the benefits of a residential treatment center, a wilderness program, and a therapeutic boarding school for the optimal treatment of your child. Our unique program is based upon the philosophy that lasting behavior change must involve personal growth and that a person’s character defines how he or she will handle the inevitable challenges that life brings.

If your teen is depressed, self-destructive, defiant, and/or out-of-control, there is hope. Contact us online or call us at (800) 845-1380 to learn more about our program and how we can help bring back the child that you love.

The Advantage of Our Program

Our residential program offers a unique opportunity to provide intensive, continuous therapy through a variety of academic, physical, social, and spiritual, activities. Our teens are immersed in therapeutic endeavors all-day, every day, over the course of our 12-month program. We understand that real change takes time – time to learn, and time to practice what you’ve learned. In this way, we offer an advantage over short-term programs, which can’t provide the education, consistency, and real-life scenarios that your child will experience at Turning Winds.

Building Character

The Turning Winds therapeutic approach supports increased maturation and identity, understanding of self, and the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships and positive peer choices. Through our 5 Pillars of Change model, our experienced, compassionate staff partners with your son or daughter in developing important character traits. Armed with these virtues, your child will be better-equipped to respond appropriately and effectively to the pressures he or she will encounter at school, at home, and in life.

Our Virtues

Industriousness – Your child is encouraged to explore his or her personal resources, both internal and external, and to apply these resources and strengths to various areas of his or her life.

Humility – While we want each child to feel important, it is essential that they gain perspective and understand that they are part of something greater – family, school, society, and humanity.

Direction – We help your son or daughter establish both short and long-term goals, and support them on their path toward achieving them.

Environmental awareness – It’s important that teens learn that healthy environments promote individual wellness. We also teach teens how to leave the world a better place through conservation and sustainable practices. We utilize mostly solar power, and demonstrate the principles of “Leave No Trace” while in the outdoors.

Integrity – We prioritize honesty and fairness, both towards others and towards one’s self. Your child will feel empowered by learning to adhere to a code of moral values and be true to his or herself.

Responsibility – This means taking ownership of one’s actions and decisions and their consequences. It is also the opportunity to act independently and make sound decisions on one’s own. Through our program, your child will demonstrate increasing levels of responsibility, and will consequently earn trust and confidence.

Respect – Residents learn to appreciate themselves as complete persons, understanding that their weaknesses are part of their strength. Self-respect is fundamental to learning to respect others.

Family connection – In many cases, this involves other virtues, such as forgiveness, gratitude, and respect, but your son or daughter will learn the importance of family to his or her success and happiness. We offer intensive parent support through webinars, regular family counseling sessions, parent workshops, and an available follow-up care program.

Service – Each child at Turning Winds will have the opportunity to give back to the community through various activities and projects, and to know the sense of fulfillment that comes from service.

Verbal assertiveness – A key part of the education your child will receive here is to understand the power of communication, and to learn to effectively express emotions and resolve conflicts with words.

Gratitude – Learning to be thankful is life-changing. Your child will come to appreciate the blessings in his or her life, and develop a more optimistic attitude that will make him or her more resilient.

Forgiveness – Robert Brault said “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.” An integral part of our program is teaching teens to forgive others, and themselves, so that they can grow as individuals.

“(My son) is a different kid from what I sent and I am so excited to see him grow and become the man he is meant to be. I think he needed some time away to face his demons and evaluate what he wanted out of life. I am grateful to the program and continue to marvel at his growth.”

Through the use of our Integrated Therapeutic Education Curriculum, our students often progress rapidly, and are typically very successful after completion of our 12-month program. Although not a “quick fix,” therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help teens return to live with their families as soon as possible. With the support of our dedicated, experienced team, your child should come back to you mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to start a new chapter in his or her life.

You love your child, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Don’t wait and worry about what will happen to your troubled teen. Contact us online or call us at (800) 845-1380 to get the support you need to help your child get back on the right path.

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