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GED Program

High School Equivalency Exam: General Education Development (GED) At TWAI Boarding School


In some cases teens who enter our program may be too far behind in credits to catch up and graduate high school.  In limited cases, such as described, a GED may be the only way forward to get a teen into college.  Only after careful consultation with parents and our academic staff the decision to put a student on a GED track can be made.  Once that decision is made then our boarding school staff will help the teen, not just take the test, but to do the best they can.  Our students typically score in the 90% of all graduating high school seniors and typically take college courses after taking the GED.

The GED tests are a battery of five tests which, when passed, certify that the student has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. To pass the GED tests and earn a GED credential, test takers must score higher than 40 percent of graduating high school seniors nationwide.

Approximately 95% of colleges will accept GED graduates and many colleges offer scholarships and other forms of financial aid specifically for GED recipients in order to help them finance their education.

Turning Winds Academic Institute students consistently score higher than the national average. The national average is 450 out of 800 and Turning Winds Academic Institute students’ average is 573 out of 800. Our boarding school makes all the difference.

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