The Parent Portal is where parents can connect with their child, view and sign important documents, as well as check on the academic and overall progress of their child. If you are new to Turning Winds and have been accepted via our acceptance application, this is where you can fill out the full application.

Payment Options – It’s Your Choice

Take care of all of your payment needs right from our website. It’s free, convenient and most importantly, safe. We require that all of our clients utilize electronic payments to take care of all of their billing needs that pertain to the services which we offer at Turning Winds.

Option 1: You can make a payment via e-check/ACH. Please note that these payments require more than one transaction if the amount is greater than $35,000.00.

E-Check Payment

Option 2: For those of you that are wanting to make a payment using your credit card.

**Please note that at this time we do not charge any additional processing fees.