Celebrating Gratitude For Thanksgiving

At Turning Winds, our teenage clients typically stay many months in the program—frequently an entire year. “It can be long enough to really help young people,” says John Gordon, MD, Turning Winds’ medical director. “A lot of the kids here have been in other programs before that either were not long enough or there was […]

Equine Therapy – Healing With Horses

Today we got to experience the healing power of the horse. The students have been learning to properly lead, groom and care for these animals. Much like their teenage handlers, horses can be stubborn and reluctant to follow orders. As our students learn to get along and work with the horses they will gain emotional […]

TWAI Girls Having the Glacier Park Experience

Some of our girls went on a recent excursion to Glacier National Park. The 3 hour drive to the park was filled with laughter and loud singing as they took turns playing DJ with their favorite music. Big horn sheep came out to greet them on Going-To-The-Sun Road and the aspen and larch trees were […]

Helping Youth Realize Their Potential

At Turning Winds Academic Institute we help youth realize their potential.  One of the methods employed to accomplish this outcome is through our unique and customized expeditions.  Challenging, inspiring and fun is how one of our students defined their experience backpacking in Hells Canyon. The trip to Hells Canyon was amazing!  The hike into Kirkwood is […]

Winter Expedition

Another successful outdoor-expedition, took place in the rugged mountains of Northwestern Montana in early January.  Due to the unpredictable weather at this time of the year, we chose to host our base camp at the Upper Ford, Forest Service Cabin.  Our group consisted of seven girls and two leaders.  The accommodations were state of the […]

What Fun it is to Ride on a Snowmobile

It was a cold wintery day for the students at Turning Winds Academic Institute but the experience of snowmobiling was enough to warm their hearts and minds -the thought of being in the cold quickly melted with excitement. There were many boys and girls who were able to experience the thrill of powering the snow machines across the expansive […]