Preparing for Panama: Teen Leadership and Adventure Therapy

Scenic view of Panama's lush landscape and skyline

Empowering Teenagers through Global Service Turning Winds organizes international service trips abroad for our teen clients twice a year: this November, the destination is Panama. The excursions offer a unique blend of travel, cultural immersion, leadership training, and adventure therapy.  Additionally, these international trips provide invaluable opportunities for personal growth. These trips have become a big part […]

Halloween Fun is Part of Teen Therapy

Teen and Turning Wind Director in a playful Halloween costume exemplifying the use of fun activities in teen therapy and treatment. Celebrating Holidays in Treatment

Celebrating Holidays in Teen Treatment: A Turning Winds Approach Being in treatment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the holiday fun. At Turning Winds, teenage clients typically stay many months, often a whole year. That means they may not be home for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas. Or for Halloween!  “In the summer, […]

Throw Like A Girl Has A New Meaning

When someone says a person throws like a girl, they are most often being insulting. Today, girls participate in a wide variety of sports and they are giving boys a run for their money. Sports participation can help to keep girls healthy and assist them in increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Now that girls are […]

Adventure Therapy: A Life Changing Educational Experience

Located in the picturesque mountain community of Northwestern Montana, Turning Winds Academic Institute offers a unique blend of traditional residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and adventure therapy. “Turning Winds is the perfect place for teens who struggle to pay attention, are easily distracted, and perform better when given the opportunity to be active in positive environments. […]

Turning Winds Academic Institute Activity Track Development

Over a span of nearly twelve years, Turning Winds‘ staff and students have embarked upon numerous TREC expeditions that have totaled almost three-thousand miles of backpacking in some of the most serene mountainous, environments in this country. To put that into perspective, we could have backpacked from from Washington State to New York- 2,800 miles. […]

What Fun it is to Ride on a Snowmobile

It was a cold wintery day for the students at Turning Winds Academic Institute but the experience of snowmobiling was enough to warm their hearts and minds -the thought of being in the cold quickly melted with excitement. There were many boys and girls who were able to experience the thrill of powering the snow machines across the expansive […]

Turning Winds Academic Institute Students Participate in Local Marathon

On the morning of February 26, 2011 four students from Turning Winds Academic Institute attended the 32nd Snow Joke Half Marathon in Seeley Lake, Montana.  The course is one lap around the Seeley Lake on plowed roads with caution from race organizers of  “ice patches”.  Total distance of the race is 13.1 miles.  These four […]