An Emotional Service Trip to Guatemala

A body of water with a boat in the foreground and a mountain in the background with some clouds on the mountain's peak

Turning Winds provides the ideal opportunity to take part of a life changing volunteer vacation and create memories, friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.

Turning Winds Academic Institute Activity Track Development

Over a span of nearly twelve years, Turning Winds‘ staff and students have embarked upon numerous TREC expeditions that have totaled almost three-thousand miles of backpacking in some of the most serene mountainous, environments in this country. To put that into perspective, we could have backpacked from from Washington State to New York- 2,800 miles. […]

Turning Winds Academic Institute Christmas Party

Driving up to Yaak, Montana for the Company Christmas Party was like being in a winter wonderland; the party was held in the local community center to give it a feeling of being in a warm cabin on a wintery night.  It was a great time to mingle with our colleagues. The food was to […]