School Failure By Your Daughter, What Causes It And How We Help

A Variety Of Causes Your daughter could be failing school because she’s “too cool” to learn. She could be failing because she has adopted an addiction on the sly. There might be a boy involved. She might be suffering from a cognitive learning disability like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She […]

Do Public Schools Make Things Worse for Troubled Teens?

Public schools have been proven to exacerbate pre-existing troubled teen issues, as well as lead to other issues manifesting as the school year progresses. Our therapeutic boarding school offers a strong academic focus, making it the optimal choice for troubled teens having issues in traditional school settings. Extensive research has shown that teenagers throughout the […]

10 Steps To Eliminate Math Anxiety And 5 Principles Of Extraordinary Math Teaching

Math can be the source of much anxiety in our teens but if they learn these 10 simple steps they can improve their math skills and eliminate much of the stress surrounding the “M” word. 1. Do Your Homework: Obvious, right? Even if you believe you understand a concept/skill clearly, doing all the assigned homework can help […]