Going Abroad to Find What is Within

A Transformative Experience from Traveling and Finding Yourself We have all heard how traveling can broaden a person’s horizons. You interact with different people and learn new things about other cultures. According to blogger Volina Serban travel helps you grow and become a better person: “The more you see and

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Resetting the Self-Image With Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education and Wilderness Programs for Teens “US youth are in a mental health crisis,” warned the chief science officer of the American Psychological Association in February. “The stakes of untreated mental and behavioral health symptoms for children and adolescents are exceptionally high and can have profound consequences on the

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Academic Support for Teens During Mental Health Treatment

“Our nation’s young people are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis,” stated a fact sheet from the US government in July. “More than 40 percent of teenagers state that they struggle with persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, and more than half of parents and caregivers express concern over their

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How to Talk to Your Teenager About Mental Health 

Despite the stigma surrounding it, mental illness is very common among teens and adolescents. Approximately 1 in 5 teens suffers from some type of mental health disorder, which can have a major impact on their overall health and well-being, especially during those crucial developmental years. The formative teenage years bring

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Tackling the New Normal: America’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

“Imagine a country where two kids in every classroom are experiencing debilitating illness, affecting their ability to concentrate and learn—and potentially threatening their lives,” wrote  Mitchell Prinstein, the chief science officer of the American Psychological Association earlier this year. “But there is no need to imagine: The US is that

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Families Come First!

Addiction is a family disease, making it also a disease of relationships. Family engagement plays a vital role in recovery for the addicted individual and the entire family system.  Families are often in turmoil—especially if the addicted loved one is a teenage child. They are urgently trying to figure out

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