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Our Story – Why We Do What We Do

From Tragedy to Triumph

We are often asked by our clients how we got into this business. The answer is a truly remarkable, even miraculous, story of a tragedy turned triumph.

No one ever expects tragedy to hit their lives, and yet as untimely, and as unexpected, and as unwelcome as it is, it happens. For John and Charmaine Baisden, the very unthinkable occurred just a little over 20 years ago. The day was passing as any normal day, until they received a phone call from the local police department informing them that their daughter, just 17 years of age, had been shot and killed. No one can ever be prepared for such a call. A whirlwind of emotions began to run rampant and whole lives were turned upside down.

In the years prior to this horrific tragedy, the Baisdens tirelessly struggled trying to figure out just how to best help their daughter find her way back to a full and happy life, as they could see some of her choices were leading to a life that was destined to bring the opposite. Heartbroken and desperate, they tried everything they knew possible. They tried counseling, making adjustments in their own parenting approaches, soliciting help from extended family, and the list goes on. At the time, they had no idea that schools for struggling teens even existed, and so, for them, it seemed they had exhausted all the possible resources. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, time was against them, and their daughter’s life was cut short before she could get the help she needed.

The impact of this incident changed the lives of the Baisden family forever. After a time of deep mourning and serious reflection, a great passion began to emerge, and John and Charmaine were determined to dedicate their time, indeed their lives, to help other families in similar situations, find a way to save their children before it was too late. In process of time, John, Sr. was able to make a career change that took him from the entertainment business to working with families with struggling teenagers.

TWAI was born of that great passion and desire to help. When John’s oldest son, John Baisden, Jr. completed his higher education studies, they partnered together to start this institution envisioned to bring hope to as many families as possible. Less than a year later they were joined by Owen and Carl Baisden (Two additional sons of John and Charmaine) and together they have helped nearly a thousand teens from across the globe work through their challenges and build a life of purpose and well-being in order that they can be reunited with their families with greater love and functionality.

Although no longer involved in the day to day operations of the school John Sr. still enjoys participating in school events and working with families who are contemplating the TWAI therapeutic boarding school option. Today, TWAI has built an amazing diverse team of talented and experienced individuals who have partnered together to provide the best treatment possible for struggling teenagers and their families across the world. Whether you are losing your teen to depression, behavior problems, addictions, academic underachievement, poor decision making, low self-worth, or any other problems, we understand and can partner with you to help your daughter or son get her or his life back on-track.

More about us

Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is a family-run therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen boys and girls in operation since early 2002. Since that time we have helped families from every continent in the world. TWAI was originally founded by a father and son who both have a strong passion to help families in need. The Baisden family has run TWAI from its small humble beginnings nearly a decade and a half ago to an industry leading vehicle offering the best therapeutic care for teenagers in crisis across the globe. TWAI is located in the “last best place, in the last best place;” the beautiful state of Montana. Our environment offers nature’s beauty and therapeutic qualities at its best to assist in the transformation process each teen will experience during her or his brief stay with us.

Unlocking Your Teens Potential at our Therapeutic Boarding School

Our teen boarding school provides a structured, academic, self-discovering and therapeutic program for teens between the ages of 13 and 18.

TWAI helps teens who struggle with behavior problems, poor academic performance, poor decision making, various disorders, attachment issues, and minor to moderate addictions. We have worked with teens and families from all over the globe and are anxious to help your family get the help you are seeking.

Many of our students come to us with a vast array of impediments (Many of which are self-inflicted) that are preventing them from being successful in life. Our individualized approach helps us guide and assist each teen we work with to move past their failures and find success in life. We can help almost any teen who is struggling get the help they need to move forward in their lives.

At our boarding schools we utilize individualized therapy with licensed therapists, outdoor recreation, development of life skills, the teaching of appropriate social relationships, leadership development, a time tested one-on-one teaching style, field trips that are conducive to learning, and a fully accredited academic institute, accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPPSA). These services help our students develop the character needed to succeed where they have failed in the past. We believe character, developed through living time tested values, is the key component in successful living and life satisfaction. We help develop good character by promoting the following virtues:

12 Character Virtues

  • Industriousness Maintaining a positive work ethic aimed at setting and achieving realistic goals in service to self and others
  • Humility The ability to remain teachable
  • Direction The ability to lead through the process of correct decision making
  • Environmental Awareness Realizing that healthy environments promote individual wellness
  • Integrity Understanding and accepting one’s own strengths and weaknesses by being true to one’s own self
  • Responsibility Acquiring, then using, knowledge to make the best decisions possible and living with the outcome
  • Respect Appreciating oneself and others as persons with great potential and creative possibilities
  • Family Connection Developing a greater appreciation for the strengths and resources that one can draw upon within his or her own family
  • Service Engaging in activities for the primary purpose of serving others
  • Verbal Assertiveness Speaking up in a supportive and encouraging manner
  • Gratitude The ability to be grateful by having appreciation and recognition of all the good things in life. This is vital in helping teens overcome depression and anxiety
  • Forgiveness Forgiving self and others, or to cancel a debt, to pardon, or to wipe the slate clean

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Families in Crisis

TWAI is one of the world’s leading therapeutic boarding schools for teen boys and girls. Our proven program for troubled teens has consistently produced positive results for thousands of parents who have turned to us for help with their troubled son or daughter. We believe that every teen possesses an inner greatness that can be rekindled given the right environment. TWAI encourages adolescents to “Take a Stand” for what is right, and facilitates growth in troubled teens by helping them to rediscover their strengths. Our world-class therapeutic boarding school can help any family in need of help with a struggling teenage boy or girl.

TWAI’s Therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, boys and girls, is recommended by counselors across the nation. Our boarding school is located in Northwestern Montana in close proximity to Idaho, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

If you need help finding therapeutic boarding schools for teen boys and girls please let us know, we would love to help.

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