Being a parent means being involved

Unfortunately, Williams tells her audience that her son was exposed to the drug by “a loved one who he looked up to.” She describes herself as a hands-on parent, saying that she and her husband discovered the teen’s habit by going through his room. “I’m a mom; I’m flipping rugs, I’m going through Nike boxes in his room,” she tells the audience.


“Well, I was duped. Our kid had been smoking this mess. He got turned out… to the point where he went off the rails for a moment,” she continues.

Williams then concluded the conversation with her audience by encouraging parents, there in the studio and at home, to have a hands-on approach with their children and substance abuse. Her son was able to kick the habit after some “holistic” rehabilitation from out of the country, but a lot of teens need support from their family to be able to move past substance abuse.

“To the parents and guardians who are watching right now, just talk to your kids. Fortunately, Kevin has two parents who took harness of the thing. We took him out of the country for holistic treatment. We didn’t want to pump him with psychiatric drugs,” Williams says,” I’m glad to say our boy is on the good side of good now.”

Not only does the discussion remind parents how crucial it is to be aware of their children’s activities and acquaintances, it also proves how parents can be blindsided by those they trust. Synthetic marijuana is growing in teen popularity, and the convenience of e-cigarettes is only making the problem worse. It is now easier than ever for teens to not just get their hands on the drug, but to conceal its use from their parents.

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