Talk show host Wendy Williams opens her show with blunt discussion on substance abuse

You already know her for “Hot Topics”, but now popular talk show host Wendy Williams is discussing a new topic that is close to her and her family. Last Monday, the host revealed to her studio audience that her young 14-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has struggled with addiction to synthetic marijuana.

Williams has never strayed from discussing her own battles with drug addiction, including the chaos and damage that it led to in her personal life. But talking about her son brings the discussion to a new stage: discussing how addiction can affect our children and the hurt that it can cause as a parent.

When discussing it with the audience, Williams shares that it was through an e-cigarette that Kevin began to experiment with the drug. “It was one of those pens where you don’t see the smoke, and you don’t smell anything,” Williams said. “I’m trying to make funny on the tour, but in actuality my heart is breaking, and my kid could have been dead.”

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Marijuana has been at the stage of controversy for parents for years for its popularity among young people. Even though some people argue that marijuana itself isn’t as dangerous as other drugs, synthetic marijuana has serious side effects, making it much more dangerous to young people. The side effects of synthetic marijuana include seizures, hallucinations, and in some cases, even brain damage.


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