“We were looking for individuals that the system consider too far gone. You know, in and out of programs for most of their teenage years and there is nothing left,” said Hunter.

A second chance for Tyler and his family.

Howell’s parents have spent their lives as a paramedic firefighter and an ER nurse, taking care of people. Now, they are thanking the community and God for helping them take care of their son. The kindness of others led to the opportunity, as donations to the non-profit program are responsible for their son’s second chance.

“I do not know how many times I thank God for this opportunity,” said Jerry, Tyler’s dad.

“I believe it is going to save his life,” adds his mother.

Tyler knows he can’t put a price on hope and the opportunity he’s received. “I know I can turn my life around,” the teen says.

In just two weeks the teen will embark on a sailboat journey for that chance. A documentary crew is following his every step.

“Sail for Justice” is a program for critical troubled teens who need it as their last resort. While the program offers an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, its limited availability makes it a small chance for families in need. For other families who need to help their teen and need a program to turn to, Turning Winds offers innovative services to help teens and their families heal.

Turning Winds Academic Institute is a therapeutic boarding school in Montana that provides help for troubled teens and their families with an exceptional degree of success. Here, you’ll find the benefits of a wilderness program, a therapeutic boarding school, and a residential treatment center (RTC), all in one safe, beautiful, and peaceful location. Find out if our program may be right for you and your family by contacting us at (800)-845-1380.

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