A program in Florida takes troubled teens around the world as a step to healing.

Tyler Howell is your average 18-year-old boy. His family loves him, his whole life is ahead of him, and he’s made some mistakes. Unfortunately, Howell has made more mistakes than his peers, and since 9th grade those mistakes started him down a path of trouble. “I’ve learned from my mistakes,” the teen says now though.

The teen’s troubles began when he took to a life of crime and drugs during his freshman year of high school, sending his life spiraling out of control. According to him, he had more than 30 arrests and his parents were desperate to save him.

“I would bet my life against it, I never thought we would be headed down this path ever,” said Howell’s mom, Andy.

It was during Howell’s last court appearance that he learned about an innovative program in Florida that helps the most critical cases of troubled teens. He was chosen to sail around the world with “Sail for Justice.” It’s a program co-founded by Mark Hunter, a man with his own past as a troubled youth.

Hunter was a troubled teen himself, leading him to start the charity in his Florida community. The program has received hundreds of applicants from around the world, but only seven slots are available to participate in the World Atlantic Rally. One of these spots will go to Howell.


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