Teen Bullied For Her Incredibly Dark Skin Color Becomes A Model, Takes The Internet By Storm

It wasn't long ago that Koudia Diop was bullied for her incredibly dark, beautiful complexion. Now, the Senegal native is making a living off of her onyx skin tone. The once-bullied-beauty now wants to use her story to inspire others who feel as though they don't fit in with the "crowd."

Playground Woes

Everyday harassment takes a toll on a child's self-worth, especially when their harassers are racially motivated in their attack. Koudia's bullies targeted her skin tone like a bullseye. And let's face it; kids can be cruel. Having been bullied as a child for the color of her skin, Koudia is all too familiar in dealing with the cruelty of adolescent tormentors. 

Diop says, "I was teased a lot growing up, because of my skin tone. And now even online sometimes, people will make comments. Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people.” 

"They nicknamed me darky, daughter of the night." - Koudia 

Embracing Her Beauty

A lot has happened since her traumatizing school days. The self-proclaimed "Melanin Goddess" has since learned to embrace her beauty and loves the skin she walks in. Diop has become an inspiration to those who feel different, and her message to them is clear: Koudia wants others to follow her lead and recognize their inner and outer beauty, for themselves.

The message I have for my sisters is that how you look doesn’t matter, as long as you feel beautiful inside.

Proving the Bullies Wrong

The Senegal native proved her bullies wrong after becoming a full-time model at the age of 17. She then buried their words by accumulating 250,000 followers on Twitter. Ironically, - but not surprisingly - Diop now makes a living off her beauty, the same beauty she was once bullied for.

Koudia has one message for her fans: “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.”

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Khoudia Diop is a 19-year-old Senegalese model who was once bullied about her color. But now the self-proclaimed “Melanin Goddess” is taking the internet by storm with her beautifully rich skin tone.

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