There's a lot of depression going around today, and outward signs aren't always obvious. Certainly there are the usual symptoms: sadness, hopelessness. When something detrimental rocks your teen's developing emotional boat, she'll likely exhibit some outward sign. But irritability is also commonly collateral to a depressive cause, as are anger and hostility. Imagine a young lady who's made a physical concession to a teenage boy, only to have him reject her. She doesn't feel she can talk to you, perhaps; but wants to. The juxtaposition of needs irritates her, and so she expresses that emotion as an outcry from that which depresses her.  

Depression Can Cause A Very Noticeable Withdrawal

Depression in teens regularly manifests in withdrawal from close friends or family. You can expect frequent tearfulness and crying, but know your daughter. Some young ladies can be weeping one moment, and laughing the next. When such sadness is coupled with a distinct loss of interest in any activity, or excessive sleep, then it's time to look for some depressive root. Over eating or under eating are also signs of depression. 

Depending on your child's personality, she may be restless or agitated rather than lethargic and withdrawn. While fatigue and depleted energy are both signs of depression, who doesn't recognize the pacing stereotype? It can be hard to concentrate when something depressing is dragging you down inside, and you may try and alleviate this through activity. 

If your daughter says she feels guilty or worthless, these things are also very likely rooted in depression. If she does everything she normally would, but without enthusiasm or any recognizable motivation, or shows an increased interest in subjects like death or suicide, you're very likely looking at more symptoms of some depressing root.

Learn about the signs of depressionLearn About The Signs Of Teen Depression 

These are all signs that your daughter could need help, but going about acquiring that help can be a challenge. While pharmaceutical solutions can be necessary, oftentimes its better to go with activities that engage your daughter, and keep her mind focused on things that will expand her perspective on reality. Turning Winds Academic Institute is a boarding school that offers solutions like this. They're located in northwest Montana and facilitate direct, hands-on activities in a pristine wilderness environment--combined with professional therapeutic techniques--that often do a world of good for depressed teenage girls.

The awkward years of adolescence can breed poor, drastic decisions. If you see any depressive signs, don't allow them to go unchecked too long, call us as we can truly help (800) 845-1380

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