Recognizing Trauma in Your Teen

How To Recognize Trauma In Your Teen  Recognizing trauma in an adolescent can be difficult. Many of the symptoms of trauma, also known as post-traumatic stress disorder, are similar to typical behavior that teens exhibit. However, trauma is a serious disorder that has far reaching effects that can carry on for adolescent girls well into adulthood, affecting their confidence, their ability to have intimate relationships, and t... Read more »

Teenage Girls Make up 90% of Eating Disorders in America

Eating Disorders: A Teenage Female Epidemic According to The Renfrew Center Foundation for Eating Disorders (RCFED), as many as 24 million Americans currently struggle with an eating disorder. Even more concerning? Almost all of these cases are young women. The RCFED's troubling report indicates that 90 % of the 24 million who suffer from this potentially fatal disease are females between the ages 12-25. Today, millions of A... Read more »

Recognizing Depression in Teenage Girls

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by disturbances in emotional response and thoughts. It disproportionately affects adolescent girls at a rate of twice as much when compared to adolescent boys. There are theories as to why girls are more likely to suffer from depression, such as it being a consequence of the earlier development of emotional sensitivity and recognition[1]. But recognizing depression in teen girls isn’t a... Read more »

Behavioral Issues for Parents of Adopted Teenage Girls to Look Out For

When adopted teenage girls struggle with the inherent physical, emotional, or social changes of adolescence, out of control behaviors are typical and should even be expected. The following article examines some of the most common behavioral problems in adopted teens, and furthermore, teaches parents of adopted teens how to handle these behavioral issues. Typical Out of Control Behaviors to Watch Out For While it's safe to say"all teen... Read more »

The Five Stages of Grief

What Are The 5 Stages of Grief? The "5 stages of grief" is an emotional gauge used by those in the mental health industry. The proven method of using five progressive stages to represent the grieving process was created to help people further understand their own, personal trauma, as well as help them empathize with the emotional pain of others.  Recognizing and understanding the psychological processes of grief is th... Read more »

Signs That Show Your Daughter Is Suffering From Anxiety

Helping Your Teen Daughter through Anxiety If your troubled teenage daughter is currently suffering from anxiety or depression, you have several actions that you can take to help her in her recovery process.  It is crucial for parents of an anxiety-ridden teenage girl to empathize with what she is going through. By developing a deeper understanding of her issues, as well as giving credibility to said issues, a parent further comm... Read more »

Teenage Beauty Once Bullied for Her Onyx Skin Tone, Now Makes a Living as a model.

Teen Bullied For Her Incredibly Dark Skin Color Becomes A Model, Takes The Internet By Storm It wasn't long ago that Koudia Diop was bullied for her incredibly dark, beautiful complexion. Now, the Senegal native is making a living off of her onyx skin tone. The once-bullied-beauty now wants to use her story to inspire others who feel as though they don't fit in with the "crowd." Playground Woes Everyday harassment takes a toll on a c... Read more »

Alcohol Treatment for Troubled Teenage Girls

The Dangers of Alcohol on the Teenage Female Brain Alcohol is damaging to the human boy for a variety of reasons. In regards to troubled teenage girls, however, alcohol can be just as damaging psychologically as it is physically. Teenage girls' brains are still developing. And - as you may very well be aware - If a teenage girl continuously engages in underage drinking, they can effectively stunt the crucial development of their ... Read more »

Teenage Eating Disorders Can Be Fatal

The transitional time of adolescence is a difficult one to navigate. Teens are pressured to act a certain way, talk a certain, way, and above all, look a certain way. The pressure to look good and impress their peers is sometimes too much for an adolescent. Unfortunately, these pressures to look 'good' can cause some teens to develop an eating disorder. Eating disorders are a very severe mental illness. Unfortunately, since o... Read more »