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Turning Winds: sober teen feeling confident at a treatment program for struggling adolescentsTurning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is a top Academic Institute offering life skills development and experiential education to troubled teen boys and girls who may be experiencing anger misconduct and/or mood disorder. Regrettably, many young girls fall victim to societal pressures and pressure from their peers to engage in activities that can place their lives in danger. When a young girl begins experimenting with alcohol and drugs, this can often lead her down a path of substance abuse and addiction. Many parents do all they can to help their daughters gain control of their lives by sending them to Boarding School. Turning Winds Academic Institute is a Boarding School that provides treatment for wayward girls along with helping them pursue their education.

Teen girls these days are under tremendous pressure. Society dictates how young girls should look and behave, which can lead to unrealistic expectations that can often go unfulfilled. Many young girls become deeply depressed, leading to further risky behaviors. Often, girls simply do not value their self-worth and will do anything it takes to fit in. These girls frequently rely on vices like alcohol and drugs to help them cope with life.

We understand the unique issues young girls face today. We help them understand what is causing them to make poor life decisions so they can learn to make effective ones. Our program offers them a chance to start over and figure out what went wrong. Not only do they learn the skills they need for living a sober life, but they are also able to continue their education so they can pursue a college degree when they graduate from Turning Winds.

Our program offers a 5:1 ratio of staff to students. Parents can rest assured their daughter will receive the full care they need to overcome the issues that are causing them to take the wrong life path. We engage young girls in activity throughout their day, so they are consistently being exposed to learning opportunities that help them progress in their recovery.

Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is a distinct Therapeutic Boarding School and academic institute, dedicated to outdoor recreation and adventure therapy and life skills development and experiential education for teenage boys and girls suffering from drug dependence, bipolar disorder, and/or anger misconduct. Contact one of our professional family consultants at (800) 845-1380 to get experienced direction for your struggling teenager today!

Co-Ed Boarding Schools vs Single Gender

As a top treatment program for troubled teenagers, Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) provides quality direction to teenagers suffering from anger misconduct and/or drug dependence problems. Our Boarding School offers a unique opportunity that allows girls to find the root cause of their issues. Often, there are mental health concerns that have not TWAI: sober teenager feeling confident at Turning Winds' Academic Institutebeen properly diagnosed. Our therapeutic approach focuses on helping girls to discover their value so they can pursue a sober life instead of turning to the old habits that led them to their addiction. Through our Co-ed Boarding School, girls learn how to interact with the opposite sex appropriately so they can make wise decisions in life.

A Co-Ed Boarding School is considered one of the most effective treatment options for troubled girls. While some parents consider single gender schools “safer,” the reality is, sequestering girls from boys often makes it difficult for a young lady to return to normal life. Through our program, girls learn appropriate social skills so they can interact with boys and retain their self-respect.

Our Co-Ed Boarding School environment offers a real life atmosphere. Unfortunately, today’s teens are severely lacking in proper social skills. Without the ability to develop lasting personal relationships, teen girls can fall into societal traps that lead them to abuse their bodies and place their lives at risk. We work with girls to help them understand how to appropriately deal with their ever-changing emotions and development.

The environment provided by Turning Winds is one that fosters communication. When girls are removed from the social stresses that once held them prisoner, they can finally awaken and fully focus on achieving their goals of sobriety.

Best Boarding School at Turning Winds

At Turning Winds, we focus on educating girls about the dangers of substance abuse and addiction. Our Boarding School helps troubled teen girls to understand the mental health issues they may be facing and how they can cause them to participate in risky behaviors. Our clinical staff uses a variety of therapeutic approaches that are based on building interpersonal relationships through the Rogerian approach that seeks to gain common ground.

Our treatment philosophy centers around providing therapeutic opportunities through every activity our students are involved in. The outdoors plays a crucial role in the treatment we offer teens. Through the beauty and tranquility of nature, young girls begin to deal with the underlying issues that are plaguing them. All too often, young girls have TWAI: sober teenagers feeling confident at Turning Winds' residential treatment centernever learned how to properly deal with past pain, so they turn to drugs and alcohol for healing. Through our program, young girls learn they do not need these “crutches” to be successful in life.

Our academic program offers a stellar learning experience. The vast majority of our students achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher. Many of our students can receive two years of high school education in the twelve months they are enrolled. The Turning Winds Academic Program is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the National Independent Private Schools Association.

While enrolled in our Boarding School, girls will have the opportunity to mountain bike, fish, hike, camp, ski, and participate in a variety of outdoor activities that allow them to learn while doing. Each activity works to increase a girl’s self-esteem and self-worth, so she fully understand her real value. Once a girl gains her self-worth, there is not stopping her on her road to sobriety and success.

Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is a top Residential Treatment Center and therapeutic boarding school, offering a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy to teen boys and girls suffering from mood disorder, meth abuse/addiction, and/or sexual promiscuity. Contact one of our experienced family consultants at (800) 845-1380 today!

 Turning Winds Prescribed National Partnership for Parents of Struggling Youth

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bolsters the health security of our nation. As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives, protects, and educates teenage boys and girls and young men and women from your local area with serious health threats. Such threats include obesity, smoking and tobacco use, bipolar disorder, and sexually transmitted diseases. To accomplish this, CDC conducts salient science practices and provides health education to the teen boys and girls and young men and women in your local area, and all over the nation. The CDC fights against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these threats arise.

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