Determine Your Child’s Need for Placement – Take Our Test For Troubled Teens

Often parents of troubled teens have a difficult time making the decision to get their son or daughter the help they need. Many times, as parents, we wonder whether our teenager is in need of help. The following document is a test designed to help give parents an idea of the seriousness of their teenage son or daughters at-risk behaviors. This test can give you a better idea of your child’s need for placement by helping determine whether your child is an appropriate candidate for the Turning Winds Academic Institute Boarding School.

Turning Winds Academic Institute is one of the nation’s premier therapeutic boarding schools offering an academic and therapeutic program for teens ages 13 through 18. As a specialty private boarding school we accept up to 45 students at a time. We incorporate outdoor activities with proven therapeutic techniques, making this an ideal place for your teen. We accept students from all over the country and internationally. The entire program is a 12-month period that provides structure and understanding for each teen. If you need help determining whether our school is the right place for your son or daughter please feel free to contact us today.

Does your troubled teen exhibit any of the following behaviors? Check all that apply.

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